Quit your job!

I encourage employees to quit their job. It is my vision that we can make this world a better place if we start taking more responsibility ourselves and follow our passions and interests.

No longer can we depend on our employers or governments (or anyone else for that matter) to take the right decisions for us as individuals or as a community as a whole. We are all autonomous and coherent entities, cooperating in an amorphous network. Especially in light of the current economic turbulence, I regard it as a pure necessity to be able to stand on our own feet.

By pursuing our own real intrinsic interests, we stop the perpetuation of the flawed, failed and outdated corporate feudal system. A new sustainable economy will then arise, based on values, autonomy and resources, rather than fiat currency.

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About me:

During the top of my corporate career I came to realise that I completely missed purpose and meaning in my job; senseless red tape erridicating any vague glimpse of value-add, continuous unethical and immoral business practices, being subjected to management-by-fear and my knowingly contribution to the perpetuation of lies in finance, HR, marketing, strategy… it all culminated to a point where I could not possibly explain to myself why I spent yet another lost day in a worklife that I did not want.

Furthermore, my thirst for intellectual challenge was never going to be quenched in any corporate position. Hence, I made the erratic decision to quit my job without a plan…

I embarked on the rollercoaster called Life and I never ever regretted my decision. I am now a lifestyle entrepreneur; I want to enjoy life through continuous learning, experience, growth, helping others and by collecting and sharing riches. To achieve this, I work as a venture portfolio manager. I initiate and nurture a variety of projects that match with my evolving lifestyle and interests.