Myers-Briggs in the shredder (1)

Wow! I was impressed. I would do a multiple choice test. This test would reveal to me what kind of person I was. Is it really this simple to define life? ¨But what about the interpretation of the words and sentences? That can be different for everyone¨, ik asked the teacher. ¨Don´t worry, this test is setup in such away that it filters out these things. There is not possibility

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for ambiguity.¨ Wow, I want to see this!

The test that I did was called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. It is a list of questions such as:

“When someone calls you on the phone with a question, what do you do?”
a) I respond to the person immediately
b) I ask the person if I can call back in 10 minutes, so I have time to think about the answer.

I could not answer the question above. In fact, what is a ´question´? There is a huge difference between ¨how much is 1+1¨ and ¨how should the ongoing price manipulation in the silver market be tackled?¨. Next to that, the answer that I give also depends on who calles. I gave top priority to some people, and less priority to others.

The context makes a difference as well. Do you call me when I am busy or do you call me when I have nothing to do? I am having a great day or am I upset?

And most importantly – I change every day. How I act today can be different tomorrow, even if everything else is the same!

The challenge
Half way the test I asked the teacher if I could take the test again. ¨No¨ was his clear response. These tests were costly and it would´nt make any difference as the result would be the

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same anyhow.

¨Challenge accepted!¨ I thought. For all the, for me) ambiguious questions, I wrote down the

Anyways the

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other answer on a

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separate piece of paper.

At the end of the test you could calculate your own score. I really cannot recall what the result was for me. Let´s say it was ENTJ. As the forms were collected, I quickly calculated my other score. It turned out to be, let´s say, ISTP. The only thing that I do remember is that drie of the four letters were different!

I was stunned. How is this possible? Do I have a split personality? I decided to keep my discovery for myself…

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