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The question no one answers honestly

Walk into any store and you are warmly greeted with a friendly “Hello, how are you doing?” Cultural nuances across the globe aside, the one and only correct answer to this question is: “I’m doing great, thanks.” Now this is interesting. The shopkeeper is a person who you probably have never met before. You do […]

More salary leads to poorer performance!

What motivates us to go to work? For many people, the first and probably only answer is money. That is what gets us out of our beds and drags us to our office. We hope to get a salary raise and with that, we will definitely be more motivated to do our work even better. […]

Arbejdsglaede? What’s that?

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What motivates us?

This great presentation is from Dan Pink and challenges the belief in the two most commonly used methods to influence behaviour: – Offer an incentive to reward the desired behaviour (The Carrot) – Give a penalty if the subject does not demonstrated the desired behaviour (The Stick) Thourough research shows that people Think with: far? […]

Resigning employee: Barclays is out of control

A senior Barclays executive has quit after it was revealed that he secretly shredded a bombshell report that described a key part of the bank as ‘out of control’. Andrew Tinney, who was chief operating officer of the bank’s high-end private investment division, Barclays Wealth, destroyed the explosive dossier at his £5 million Surrey mansion after […]

Human Resources: Social engineering in the 20th century

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The seduction of recruiters

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Drone operator quits his job

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Travel Light, Leave Your Fears In The Past

I have been away from this page for almost three months. I want to share with you the reason why. I have been telling people to resign: their jobs, their unresolved relationships, their constant dramas, the stagnation in their lives. I’ve urged them to RESIGN TODAY. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for this message.And that […]

Take The First Step

“If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll ever get is all you ever got.” Old Texas adage Change is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. Changing can be frustrating, slow and painful. But not only that – change can also be very rewarding and inspiring. Once you overcome your […]