Defining Success

Success“How can they say my life is not

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a success? Have I not for more than sixty years got enough to eat and escaped being eaten?”
Logan P. Smith

You might have read many times the story of the blind men and the elephant and how each of them had a different perception of what an elephant is. There are various versions of this tale that tells of a group of blind men (sometimes referred to as “men

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such as the side or the tusk of the animal. After that, they compare notes and learn that they disagree completely.

Times and times again this story is used to show how different people will have different perspectives of the truth. The same is valid for success – it does not have the same meaning for everyone.

What is it to be successful? Well, it depends on what you want from life, where you are coming from and where you want to get. For Logan P. Smith apparently being successful meant surviving, staying alive or, since he was a

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writer, I suspect he was just glad to survive the critics of his readers and colleagues and all the competition in his field.

For many of us success might mean more than just surviving another day in our fields. Although there are still people who wrongly preach that rich people are empty, greed and have no healthy emotional life, there are more and more people realizing that it is possible to have it both ways, and that being rich and being happy are two things not necessarily related.

I invite you to look around at work. Look at your colleagues, who just like you do not have a house in the Bahamas: do they seem any more happy and satisfied with life than Donald Trump or Bill Gates? Well, they should, since they have no fortune to administrate and therefore supposedly have more time to be with their families and take better care of their emotional life.

The truth is – and now you might say I am looking at one side of the truth only, it is perfectly fine to want more in life than to have enough to eat and have

your bills paid in time. Being happy, healthy, having true friends you can talk to and millions in the bank – why wouldn’t you want ALL that? Why wouldn’t you manage to have more quality time with your family now that you are wealthy enough to delegate all the work, to make your own schedule and have your vacation at any time of the year?

Take control of your life. Define what success means in your own dictionary, set your goals and start the journey to a better life. No one is going to do that for you. Do not let people tell what you should settle for and that wanting more out of your life means being ungrateful.

Be grateful for what you have, honor it and then plan for more success and a better life, always having in mind that others did it, and so can you.




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